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Is 93 mbps download fast

Did you return the set and try another? So basically tc is trying to brag he has fast internet. Internet Provider plan is supposed to be 12MB. As an Internet user from the 56k era seeing a file download in 1 minute in what used to take overnight never gets old. Fi at places like airports and stadiums, but we're probably a few years away from feeling the full impact in our homes (and our test lab). The OP could, theoretically, download something at speeds up to 100Mbps. For example, CNET used one machine to cover the US, guaranteeing a lot of high PING time tests. ISP is the speed will fluctuate from test to test. How long will it take you guys to download 18 GB's for GTA. LTE coverage this year. So LAN port Speed shows in bits and transfer speed shows in Bytes. And in fact when I connect the TV through wireless I can get it up to 40 mbps download speed or even higher. How long will it take you guys to download 18 GB's for GTA 5 on your PS3? - PlayStation Nation - GameSpot? And it's only a matter of time before they hit the cable and take everything down with it. What they plan on achieving is two things; fast internet, and more servers within each state for web hosting. The thing is that I know for sure that's my real velocity, so the question is: are you playing with 3 real mbps download or are they theoretical? But 30 mbps is more than enough to view a HD movie on any device, so why care? Johnny and Fred are playing PS3, Johnny is uploading a two gigabyte video, and downloading over 20 gigabytes of pictures. Internet service providers Fiber vs copper wire usable difference between my gigabit fiber and 100 mbps coax cable The servers are not fast enough to make a difference although that might. In addition you must take into account the traffic between you and the testing server. Customers paying 110 a month for 300 Mbps were on average only getting 85 Mbps Schneiderman said at a press conference Wednesday Those paying 70 a month for 100 Mbps were barely getting 50 Mbps? Best options would be to graph yourself to see how things vary over time. Mobile AT T's U verse gets 24Mbps downloads AT T is now offering 24Mbps broadband service throughout its U verse territory but competitors are trumping it with 100Mbps service. It's a bit like a bucket brigade. Your download speed will be a little faster, but it is already very good as it is. is 10mpbs fast enough to run xbox live? - Xbox Association - GameSpot. Sure the connection is only going to be as fast as the weakest link in the system. Verse's speed check which shows me clocked at around 12Mbps download and around 3 upload, which is fine but makes me wonder which is right? Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post. NEVER actually am able to download anywhere near that speed. I'm not sure why but lately it seems like my internet is slowing down a little bit and the range has weakened This was confirmed (albeit by a very un scientific method) by my PS4 and Xbox One both showing my Wifi signal strength at about 75 (when they were both at 100 when they were set up in November) and speed tests giving me results between 10 15 Mbps when I'm paying for 45 Mbps. Does cable modem mbps dictate or limit router mbps does cable modem mbps dictate or limit router mbps It's not fun to read folk post about slow download speeds and they act surprised. It Is Never Exactly the Same.

It's a big world so I can't tell what's available in your state or country. How to Increase Download Speeds PlayStation Network. Seems that Cnet needs to correct something in their test so that it will work with Windows 10. Fi connection, which will open up the status window that shows you the current connection speed among other things. 5 to 1 mbps internet speed good enough for xbox live. But they will most likely vary greatly. My download MBPS is. It would take forever, I get like 1 mbps. Is 10mpbs fast enough to run xbox live is 10 mbps just because your adapters are that fast which means although when you download stuff it comes down fast when it gets going it means its. AT T's U verse gets 24Mbps downloads CNET. Old router affecting Wifi speeds Off Topic Giant Bomb? From there it's your regular coax and the higher the speed connection the more of the little individual strands in that coax cable are being used for the Internet connection. Downloads HL 5250DN United States Brother. I'd say anything above 5 mbps is good enough, but you could probably get by with less so long as you're wired up.

  • The encryption (every message needs to be encrypted) takes a little bit of time also.
  • Japan to Eastern Europe without any probs.
  • Cnet Test is Wrong.
  • Or will that be what gets me online for thoughs months?

If you're trying to get to Website X, and it involves going through a slow relay server, it doesn't matter how fast your Internet connection is, it'll only be as fast as that slow relay can deliver data. But since you're using wifi, bandwidth will usually be 54 Mbps and your test will show less speed. Before you get to the results, I've got a few words about how we conducted the tests. In other words, your internet connection is only as fast as its slowest link. Is 3 Mbps internet speed appropriate for me December. Your mbps is not that important as long as it's some form of broadband. Ops is hardly a good benchmark for connection stability. Back to Samsung forum. I hardly ever use Steam for games but I had a chance to try out some new MMO's today Sooo I started downloading DC Universe aaand at the highest peak it was 5 5mb s and 3 7mb s on a regular. You may notice to get to a new webpage that you never accessed before, it takes a little extra time but, after that, it seems faster. Also that other issue of range and a neighbor's wifi can degrade this. I've got 20 mb but I think 3 mb is good enough. It is not a cable problem. My main concern is fast uploads, i upload 1gb files to my webspace, would the extra 10 dollars a month to get the 1mbps upload speed?

How long will it take you guys to download 18 GB's for GTA 5 on your PS3?

Speedtest btw shows it in Mbps. Slow Wireless Download But Fast Upload by vedder45 August 19 2008 3 56 it's currently fluctuating between 5 5 mbps and 19 5 mbps any number in between Shouldn't this be around 100 mbps? From what i've heard, online gaming relies on upload and ping much more so than download unless you're hosting. Mbps, and that is sitting right next to the router. MBps download and 5 MBps upload (in Bytes not bits) and thats if your connected via an ethernet cable where you will have the max potential speed (which is usually up to 100 Mbps). Nothing else runs that slow for me. My guess would be that they used different servers than the rest. There was no lag and download speeds were decent enough. Top Windows 10 questions. Some ISP's apparently give you a high upload and download speeds for the first few Mbps Kb or whatever. Your Steam download speed PC Mac Linux Society GameSpot? Till I researched it. Learn Python: Online training. I've never known what this megabit per second stuff is Right now ive got 7MBPS downstream I get a max of 800 900Kb s download speeds and 40kb s upload speed If I upgrade i'll get 10mbps! Adjusting these settings will require you to restart your Steam client before the changes come into effect.

  • I'm wondering if speed is just a marketing scheme to entice one believing their connection is better than their competitor.
  • DSL connection fast enough to play games online?
  • Super Fast 125Mbps VPN download cnet com.

Would take me 3 days to download 18Gigs. Have a good one. It downloaded a lot faster with network cable too instead of wifi. What is your download and upload speed? - PlayStation Nation - GameSpot! 35mbps (Is it fast enough) PC Mac Linux Society GameSpot. Artist's low tech art form gets high tech attention. Do I have good internet connection speed PC Mac Linux? Online Gaming Is 4 Mbps enough PC Mac Linux Society? When I bought into the DSL, 12mbps, through my phone company, I was expecting a definite change in how fast things would upload. In each location, we used the app to ping the same server and record the download and upload speeds in megabits per second. 1 5Mbps Download 768Kbps upload is good for gaming! Netflix's Fast com is a good service to test your internet connection Dong Ngo CNET Q My broadband internet connection is at least 50Mbps when I connect via a network cable but via Wi Fi it's. Frontier (used to be Verizon in my area) 84. Sky provided which is actually pretty terrible but I don't have many problems. If that speed held steady, I'd be able to download the entire MCU in about 11 hours, 42 minutes.

great connection (54.0 mbps), super slow steam downloads and browser speeds - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot. When I was running 50 Mbps. Here are our first speed test results. Download the CNET app. There really no way of knowing until you actually try it out. To for your internet speed, connect your computer directly to the modem via an ethernet cable and go to Speedtest. How fast is Wi-Fi 6? Here are our first speed test results - CNET. Finally I managed to have back my 17 Mbps download and 9 Mbps upload connection on my PS3. ISP tells me I am doing well. The connection speed with your ISP is expressed in megabits per second (Mbps), which is what you see when you do a speed test. PLEASE NOTE: Do not post advertisements, offensive materials, profanity, or personal attacks. So it will take you just as long as the rest of us to download 18Gbs to your PS3. You haven't trolled anybody. They told me I had to use their own speed test. great connection (54.0 mbps), super slow steam downloads and browser speeds. is a 1.5 mbps DSL connection fast enough to play games online? - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot. Phones 4G LTE showdown How fast is your carrier To get a glimpse of how speedy AT T Verizon Sprint and T Mobile's 4G LTE networks are CNET carried out real world data tests across these! Fast Ethernet but actual speed is 10MB only By harrisdy 12 5 MBps 100 Mbps ethernet please read our TechRepublic Forums FAQ. My upload is 5 mbps. XBL runs fine; it's not all that fast of course, but it works fine. Why does a 1 1MB s download speed from Steam destroy my. Desktop gigabit download speed help July 2019 Forums. Hi guys i want to download an file which has a size of 2GB but does downloading 2GB from the internet means you use 2GB of your bandwidth I have a 50GB internet so does it mean that is use 2 50GB! Whats upload that factors in too! Mbps of connection each depending on the router's capacity. And its 93 2 percent reliability rate was the best among the bunch which captured average download speeds of 7 3Mbps and upload speeds of 1 5Mbps To compile its data Root Metrics gathered. Also depending upon what site the downloads are coming from that will dictate real world numbers also. 100 Mbps into house but wifi speed only 5-10 Mbps - September 2016 - Forums - CNET. Thanks for your help. Not sure that is accurate. 10 100 mbps fast ethernet pci adapter free download 10 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter 10 100 Mbps PCI Ethernet Adapter HP EN1207D TX PCI 10 100 Fast Ethernet Adapter and many more programs. Root discovered Sprint LTE access in only 5 of the 77 markets covered in the report.

How to boost your Steam download speed

We just upgraded our home internet to the fastest fibre connection available 100 Mbps but even with a compatible router (Linksys EA4500) speedtest net shows download speeds of only 5 10 Mbps. The ISP had switched our line to a hybrid (different logon credentials storage) and my modem was not fully compatible. I have Spectrum 100 Mbps I was only getting about 40 on an Arris modem router on wifi but over 100 wired I went and got a new modem from Spectrum and a Linksy. 1 9 MbPS internet connection speed PlayStation. But my only question is how much will these games run up my mbps? Mbps if my wifi can only deliver a fraction of that? CoD BOBut I can play Black ops on LIVE and download stuff at the same time which is great as I used to have 2MB and back then It was one or the other. Is my internet considered fast PC Mac Linux Society. Economy Plus Up to 3 Mbps download speeds For future reference 3mbps is not the same thing as 3MB But i'd still say it'll be fine You'll have a bit of trouble here and there but ping matters the most when it comes to this. Finally I managed to have back my 17 Mbps download and 9 Mbps upload connection on my PS3 And ofcourse my MAG sessions The problem is not in the PS3 but outside? I'm on FiOS and have used CNET's Speedtest for over a year and always received good results. Don't show this again. Guide to smart living. Discuss: How fast is Wi-Fi 6? Here are our first speed test results.

  1. What is your PS3 download speed Mine just got 10x faster.
  2. What is suggested download speed and upload speed for good.
  3. The download speed was about half what Comcast showed.
  4. Of course, your ping also matters, the lower the number the better.
  5. Thanks for trying to help me Yeah I'm not sure what's up Maybe I expect too much from my wireless router I suppose if I'm really in a rush for top download speeds I can connect through the.

Spectrum ran a lot of line in our area and upgraded our band width to 100 Mbps. I have to option of getting a service that allows up to 10 Mbps download but it does 1 mbps upload for sure but no higher I hear to have good connection speed for great online gaming you should? Call of Duty which is all player servers you're gonna get lag no matter what once in while. NICs are at each laptop? Carrier network performance changes constantly so there's no way to guarantee that you'll get the same results as we found. When I have had old time radio shows to download (over 1500) I would use a download manager and download 12 at a time, while individual speed was not quite as high when multiplied by 12 it was much faster. If not, then there's your answer. Product and pricing data are sourced from third parties for informational purposes only. 8 mbps internet speed good for downloading PlayStation. Don't forget that speed and bandwidth are two different things. 1 5Mbps Download 768Kbps upload is good for gaming is DSL will be 1 5Mbps download and 768Kbps will it be very fast and yeah my ISP guarantees 768Kbps upload speed is never as big as 1! They figure that very few people will use high bandwidth at the same time. WPA2 and encryption set to AES alreadytried other settings also but no use.

However, ever since I installed Windows 10, I get 6 Mbps consistently. Internet service providers Fiber vs copper wire. Here is one of the websites where you can check your speed. Well if thats the case I have to assume there's something wrong in the settings. Let me be clear because of Samsung's penchant for PIA (advertising) in their smart TVs I continue to ignore and disable the smart hub. AT T outshines Verizon in 4G LTE speed tests CNET! How fast should be to be good enough i have tha chance of getting 2 4 10 15 mbps (download) is that fast enough to play online in ps4 i dont know much about it so i appreciatte all answers D? And don't tell me you run 15 megabits up per client because this is what we're talking about here off course not the total upload speed for all clients. May I ask why my wireless speed is always 72 2 Mbps when my laptop and netbook operate simultaneously I have a Toshiba Satellite M840 with Atheros AR9485WB EG and a HP Mini 110 with AW NB041H. Perhaps understanding the significance of the two will allow me to understand why connection speed is important. I have 1 5 mbps with a ping around 60 I can play online with good results It's ping and packet loss for gaming not so much your download speeds that matter It's these huge game updates that becomes a real problem Like tomorrow i am buying Lords of the Fallen and it has a day one patch of 5 gigs which will take me along time to download. It was not from the start. For any I have missed, I would like to apologize in advanced. For the volume of uploading you may be doing, then yes, I would say it is worth it. Either use an ethernet cable or subscribe for the 50 Mbps plan, which in most cases will be more than enough and you will barely notice any difference. If the OP doesn't understand it after 3 plus years, they aren'tgoing to! Best to give your games a try and see how the servers treat you because even if the server is three doors away it does not mean you'll have amazing latency as connections are not direct. Right now we have Roadrunner rated at 6 Mbps and I'm thinking of switching to Uverse at 10 Mbps Internet Connection Speed vs Network Speed Don't hold your breath Download speed is also. By the way, to even have 2 mbps connection speed over here is pretty much unheard of unless you're rich. This is when the internet speed of each computer will have to share the 100 Mbps connection. If you don't see any difference, maybe try turning your modem off for 5 minutes and turning it back on. I've always noticed my Playstation products seem to have a significantly slower DL speed than my Xbox and especially my PC but at least on PS3 I could generally download a gig in 20 or so minutes. Minimum Internet Speed Connection for Online play. OUT onto the Internet but stay within the ISP's network. Why does my xbox one always take 18 to 24 hours easily to download big game for ex i started downloading dragon age yesterday afternoon 3pm its at 88 right now 9am Is it because i bought. JohnF111Yeah, but if he is getting 300ms to the next town over that is awful. Is there a trick to fixing the PS4's wireless speeds? How fast is 25Mbps This topic is locked from further discussion keep in mind that the advertised download speeds are measured in Mbps (megabits per second) which is different from MB sec! Huge pain in the. US download speeds sluggish compared with other countries. 100 Mbps into house but wifi speed only 5 10 Mbps. How long would it take you to download all of those files?

How fast is Wi-Fi 6? Here are our first speed test results

My old place had 15Mbps download speed, and it was through wifi. The ps3 seems to download slower than anything else. Hi I have recently bought a Samsung Smart TV model UE65JU7000 And I have found that its Ethernet wired connection is very slow and only gets up to 10 MBps download speed and about 20 Mbps upload. Jimmy, this is not the first time this question a has arisen. Slow upload speed all of the sudden im runnign windows vista home premium and also everytime my sisters turns on her comp my internet is slow but my download speed is fast but its weird. 10 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet Pci Adapter download cnet com. I am confused about the truth in internet download speeds claim that they are actually getting 4 5 MBPS download speed (this individuals ISP was Virgin) like how fast a certain server was. Fast Ethernet but actual speed is 10MB only TechRepublic. Because my dogs are rambunctious. But Comcast doubled my speed from 50Mbps up to about 105 Mbps (but as I said currently limited to about 80 until I get my modem switched) I even got a call from them confirming the increase And yet my Steam download speed hasn't increased If anything it's gone down a little bit! How fast is Wi Fi 6 Here are our first speed test results. Pwhatisazergthis coming from the guy in seoul korea the capitaql of online gaming hahaha! The file download speed you see in most applications (downloading something via IE) is expressed in megabytes per second (MBps).

Hopefully you'll notice faster download speeds after the restart. Well when I use my monthly usage my internet speed is slowed down to 64kbps until the end of the month and I can still get my PS3 online but since I don't know how fast your internet is I can't. So, with your connection speed of 15 megabits per second your example of a 15 megabyte file will actually take roughly 10 seconds to download. Can my comp affect my up download speeds by 7Matt7 October 13 2007 6 45 AM PDT Hi my ISP's advertised speed is 8Mbps I am only getting between 2 and 3 Mbps. How fast is 25Mbps PC Mac Linux Society GameSpot.

  1. Gaming How to boost your Steam download speed Tired of waiting for your game update or new game download Here's a tip to speed up your connection to Steam and spend your time playing not waiting.
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  3. Is 65 mbps a good internet speed for PS3 gaming!
  4. Tired of waiting for your game update or new game download?

In general cable blows DSL out of the water. Pretty much any service other then 56k's download speed is sufficient. Meaning you could still be getting a false reading. Slow Speed on WIFI, how to get 100mbps on WIFI?

When I am on the internet I want to have the file or program download as fast as this can possibly happen. GB's for GTA 5 and DOESN'T include installation and an update. And as long as there is no interference(If you are using WLAN). But once it reaches New York or San Francisco we'll test the same phones and add the data here.

  1. I'm surprised more people's download times are spanning a day or two.
  2. The silver lining to that is that is that we can expect some pretty dramatic jumps in internet speeds in the coming years.
  3. Data speeds iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S.
  4. Speed doesn't matter, what you need to focus on is how fast the signal goes to your place and back out.
  5. Discuss: How to boost your Steam download speed.
  6. If anyone else also tries to use any part of the area you have selected you will get errors because that radio signals corrupt each other.

Asynchronous_serial_communication shows a start, stop and possible idle bit when dealing with communications. Register Now or Log In to post. NICs speed for both laptops are 100Mbps.

When I discuss this with the ISP they tell me that there are many things that can affect the actual download speed such as the server I am downloading from, my computer, internet traffic and several other things. So yes it makes a big difference. Who knows what my speed really is? Fast torrent free download Free Torrent Download Tornado Torrent App Fast Torrent Downloader Torrent Swapper and many more programs. Download Speed 160 74 MBPS Upload Speed 1 93 MBPS With that being said it would take me about 15 17 mins just to download 18 GB's for GTA 5 and DOESN'T include installation and an update?

  1. Switching from 6 Meg to 10 Meg will be an improvement but will not affect LAN speed.
  2. Real Impact of Differences in Internet Connection Speeds speed hardly wavers whether I download from Cali or here in Florida I'll lose about 1 or 2Mbps per 2k miles 10 Mbps and get about?
  3. 100 Mbps into house but wifi speed only 5-10 Mbps.
  4. But even the LTE handsets weren't in line.

That's what I'm running on and I never have any problems. Hey I know this is from a long time but I was kind of wondering, can you tell me what ISP provides with 10 mbps? FPS and RTS are such low footprints on a connection that you'll never notice anything wrong, 1mb is plenty. And for most of us, our ISP's top download speed is going to be the slowest link.

My download is supposed to be 15 mbps but when I check it it's always a lot higher than that. AC86U, which clocked in with an impressive transfer speed of 938 Mbps on the 5GHz band. How to watch every Marvel Cinematic Universe film in the right order. Well, where I live all I get is wifi or nothing. However when it comes to downloading huge game or updates I use the 4GEE. 100 Mbps wired but only 40 on wifi February 2018 Forums. Your fastest download speed Giant Bomb. I'm good with that. But here's the rub. In case anyone hasn't noticed it gives you an approximate download and upload speed when you test your connection on your PS3 now (sorry if this has been mentioned before)But I'm just curious as. How to boost your Steam download speed - CNET. Having said that, those speeds should not decrease gaming performance is throughput was the concern.

100 Mbps into house but wifi speed only 5-10 Mbps

Installs are way faster than downloads over the internet are you sure other people aren't talking about installs being fast and not the download Edit Also you wouldn't have to go through all the downloading if you buy a physical copy of the game so if you could buy a physical copy instead than it would save time because there is no download. Technically you'd divide by 8, but dividing by 10 is both easier and takes into account some degree of network overhead, so works out to a more realistic value in the end. So I'm stuck with 15 Mbps download speed with this wireless router. ISP doesn't mean the ISP couldn't set it up that traffic to there servers get preferential treatment. As to the original question, that I don't know because I don't play online games. Experimenting with various connections, it became clear that the download speed was being degraded at periods of heavy exchange congestion but the modem was not renegotiating with the exchange unless the line was pulled from the wall socket and reconnected. They and I use Speedtest. Other than that digital is way to go. Minimum internet speed for gaming PlayStation Nation. When I went to 75 Mbps, I got around 78 Mbps. Is 93 mbps download fast. At that speed, you could download the entire MCU almost 11 times before someone at the average US speed was able to download it once. Does cable modem mbps dictate or limit router mbps. Thank you for posting.

  1. But what about the transfer rate?
  2. Cox Preferred Not Operating Up to Speed by Marty2126 January 5 2011 6 45 AM PST I just signed up for Cox High Speed Internet Preferred which they advertise as up to 15 Mb sec download speeds.
  3. Mbps down load and 5 upload.
  4. The first time you use it the server nearest you will probably be used for a fast result.
  5. Assuming we had an internet connection of at least that speed, we'd be able to download all 22 films in just 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Your connection might still be blazing fast or incredibly slow for games. Download Editions Slow connection to Samsung Internet TV by cochino5 Tended to be between 1 2 5 mbps with old router and now doesn't get above 1 (stays around 500 kbps)! Fi 6 becomes a more meaningful upgrade. Its maximum speeds averaged 49. If you look at the little icon in the System Tray it tells you your LAN speed, not connect speed. I am confused about the truth in internet download speeds - October 2009 - Forums - CNET. Wireless is horrible for streaming video, horrible for downloading, horrible for basically everything except web browsing where high latency doesn't really matter as much. Not getting full download speed in Steam PC Message. ISP and play with your service package, you could drop all the way to 10Mbps, see how that goes for a week or two, then bump it to 50 if 10 doesn't quite cut it. What I did notice when the ISP came out to check repeated complaints was that they always put their test equipment on the line before they ran their speed tests. Is 10mpbs fast enough to run xbox live Xbox Association. At the moment, comparing Sprint's LTE results is trickier since Sprint's network covers only 19 cities. Is a 1 5 mbps DSL connection fast enough to play games online Because I have a 3 5 mbps connection and the download speed is around 360 kb sec Thats right I have a 2 mbps connection and 250.

PS3 is the problem. Ok I think you are correct about my thinking. That speed fluctuates depending on the day and time and might measure as low as 25Mbps. This topic is locked from further discussion. Only time it chokes a bit is when I'm playing online games and my girlfriend is watching streaming video on the other computer. Any help or explanatory links will be greatly appreciated. Mbps was bauds, but of course you are right. It's the best connection between the PS4 and your Internet. Is 5 Mbps a reliable XBL speed Xbox Association GameSpot? Everything takes a long time to load. My other options are 10 or 50, both with considerable savings. Both of the cables are Gigabit capable and when connected to my PC they reach 200 mbps (the speed supported by my fiber) in the tests. And like someone mentioned already what matters is the PING. Fast Torrent Free downloads and reviews CNET Download com! Sorry to run on, but there's a lot of slow between your keyboard and an Internet bandwidth test site. Of the many times I complained to the company, because of very slow speeds, I was always given the excuse, my computer was needing to be cleaned out. Download speed is also totally dependant on the sending site, their backbone, net congestion, and such. But I just got it now and this is probably like the 3rd time i've tested my connection since the update. GB with low speed plan, so you dont get a lot bandwidth to download. Reporting Is 3 Mbps internet speed appropriate for me This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. And I have found that its Ethernet wired connection is very slow and only gets up to 10 MBps download speed and about 20 Mbps upload. If most games are 50 GB and i have a 10 mbps connection? Here I can connect directly to my router for a 1Gb connection to my router. However, you should take into consideration your ping as well as speed. But yeah even with this fast connection I always have connection probs with gears of war so even if you have a super fast connection it may not work perfectly. On microsoft and fast stuff I download over 1 mb, but I dunno my connection. Is 3mbps a good connection oh and 7 Mbps should be plenty and its probably like 40 to 50 But I can play Black ops on LIVE and download stuff at the same time which is great as I used to. XBOX ONE downloads incredibly slow Xbox Association. Internet Leer en espa ol Here's how fast your internet connection really is Attaching just one computer to your home internet is the key to finding your broadband connection's true speed? How fast is Wi-Fi 6? Here are our first speed test results? In other words a connection is only as fast as its weakest link So if you connect a Fast Ethernet (Mbps) Max ceiling speed (Mbps) generally range from 20Mbps to 150Mbps for download and. MIMO functions of the router and your maximum download speed is 54Mbps, which you'll never actually see because that's the maximum speed on paper under perfect lab conditions and excluding any kind of network overhead.

is a 1.5 mbps DSL connection fast enough to play games online?

I live in Canada and have Rogers Cable as my internet service provider Ping 29 MS Download Speed 160 74 MBPS Upload Speed 1 93 MBPS With that being said it would take me about 15 17 mins! There's probably a better analogy. Mbps with no indication of this being upload, download or both. It runs over the amount I have? PS3 with internet from the web browser to Netflix to PSN to online gaming to downloading games all works extremely well and fast with my wireless Belkin router and my ISP is Xmission powered by Utopia at 15 Mb per second. Plugging in to your modem is automatically 10 times faster than your wifi. What speed do you get when using ethernet on the router? It sounds like you are confusing the connection speed with the file download speed seen in most applications. Being your upload speed is so slow, downloading will make your gameplay kill.

  1. Average download speed on Steam PC Mac Linux Society?
  2. Dlink DIR 601 wireless router (150 Mbps) and have a comcast broadband connection with 30 MBps speed.
  3. Please remember to be considerate of other members.
  4. WTF is going on with my PS4's download speed.

Two of the settings here can help increase your download speed. PS3 online, but since I don't know how fast your internet is I can't really help you. Xbox One X Slow Download Speeds on Fast Internet HELP! Uhhh does it really matter? I'm going with the physical copy. Is there a quick fix? However, if the computers are accessing the internet simultaneously, the WAN port of the router is limited to 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps for gigabit ethernet (1024 Mbps). The only thing that you should worry about with this connection is to never download while you play. Fi standard and the connection speed, which is shown as Tx Rate.

How to boost your Steam download speed? This is at your own risk. What is a good internet connection speed I'm getting 98 9mbps for download and 192 2mbps for upload and ping is 21ms is this any good. OFDM mode that pushes all gear to play along. What is your PS3 download speed Mine just got 10x faster is it fast suares2k11 Just checked mine Wirelessly im getting 9 1 mbps download and 1 6 mbps upload redskins2156. PC games with good pings (under 100) with that speed, so I see no reason why most console games shouldn't work with internet like that as well. Once you leave your ISP's network, your packets can take any number of a different routes; some fast, some slow. 4G LTE showdown How fast is your carrier CNET. Ethernet port of a PC so I should not expect to reach the same throughput of a PC with the TV. So it will take you just as long as the rest of us to download 18Gbs to your PS3I have no idea why my upload is slow.

  • What is your download and upload speed PlayStation!
  • The wireless router is literally in the next room.
  • Hey guys and gals Have a question I have real bad internet because I live out in the country DSL is my only choice I pay for the 1 5 meg speed I have Century Link and they blow my connections from speed test net using a server in Durham NC (which 2 hours from my house) are 68 ms ping 0 93 mbps download 0 17 mbps upload i have only played texas holdem online on PC!

Stop following this discussion. PS3 Download for GTA V Taking Forever can i speed it up? Fast Ethernet but actual speed is 10MB only - TechRepublic. When I hear that my connection was tested and is running at 15 MBPS it leads me to believe that it should only take one second to download a 15MB file. Testing T Mobile's 4G LTE I fired up the Oookla Speed Test app that T Mobile thoughtfully preloaded and was treated to download throughput of 20 to 30 Mbps Uploads were blistering too at a. Internet US download speeds sluggish compared with other countries Does your Internet download speed seem painfully sloth like This could be a result of the country you live in. Samsung doesn't think this is a problem. This is mostly true. BUT at the same time it sounds like it is not nearly as fast as it should be.

To get an idea of how much variation there is just on big servers just try Speedtest. Economy Plus Up to 3 Mbps download speeds For future reference 3mbps is not the same thing as 3MB But i'd still say it'll be fine You'll have a bit of trouble here and there but ping matters the most when it comes to this Gotcha I'm hoping it works fine? All laptops I know can use a wired connection for the moments you have a lot to download or upload. The amount will depend on the throughput of your router and network card. Should you find any errors, please help us by reporting it here. I'm really in a rush for top download speeds I can connect through the lan lines. If you do a speedtest on your PS3 it will probably only say like 18 Mbs download, pretty sure it can only go so fast.

  • Mbps is 1536Kbps, or 192 KBps.
  • The administrators of a server may limit the download speed of each user in order to prevent the server from crashing.
  • The speed test result for it is the same as the Mac.
  • That it's unlikely they will ever see anything even approaching those speeds isn't the point as far as the ISP is concerned.
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  • Don't set it to the maximum 802.

ISP can favor their own tests. Hardwired hook ups will inevitably give better performance than wireless. Sluggish is an understatement when referring to my download experience it's just pathetic I started download Counter Strike (2278 MB) around 2200hrs last night and I reached 50 of the download today at 1400hrs Even downloading Renegade Ops was a test of patience that I managed to barely pass? So I was just on the phone with Hughes Net (1 17 18 10 30 EST) They say that even after the speed is throttled after I reach my data limit be it 10 20 or up to 50 GB depending on what plan I. You should always plug your game console or laptop in when gaming and or downloading. Super fast dedicated servers from around the work provides Hi Speed video streaming and downloads Turbo VPN uses dedicated specialised channels to provide Turbo VPN is free to download We. However, the most important thing is if this number is higher than your broadband download speed, then you're likely getting the full internet speed on the computer.

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I'd rather not replace my perfectly good (and less than a year old) router either. Samsung Smart TV slowed its streaming speed Old modem had speeds only around 15 mbps download and WOW advised a new modem (free replacement) My Samsung 4K tv's wireless speed is 3 times. Fast Ethernet but actual speed is 10MB only? You have your laptop connected to a Wi Fi network with full bars That's great It's not the bars that matter though but the actual speed of that connection Here's a quick way to find how fast. Since it's that close, why not wired? Mbps, which is well below the national average. For Xbox One on the Xbox One a GameFAQs message board topic titled Xbox One X Slow Download Speeds on Fast Internet (HELP). Hubble telescope to be able to read. And, any website you visit while surfing the internet will have fast or slow or very busy servers that enhance or limit the page loading speed, downloads, etc. Are you wondering if your home internet network is really running at the speeds you are paying for? As Bob Proffit noted, bandwidth can and will vary depending upon local usage. When I tried it didn't give me the information but then a update later could fix this. Fi 6 module would connect to the router to download the data wirelessly. It appears that my download speeds are significantly improved.

  1. It covers a huge area of 3 floors.
  2. Might I add that, although I get 120 Mbps, I can only use 4 GB a week, so it's kinda a catch 22.
  3. Im using my laptop and i went to youtube and did a speed test by left clicking on the video It said i have an average speed of 13 71 mbps Is this slow average fast internet speed im with COX?
  4. If you're asking for technical help, please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

My download is as fast as 3 3 mbps and my upload is 375 3 kbps Just a quick note for you signal strength and connection speeds are two totally different things Signal strength is a measure? Any thoughts or previous discussions on this subject? Is it true that I will not be able to get more than 15 Mbps with this router for the internet connection, if not I'm planning to buy a different router which can give me 30 Mbps download in wireless mode. Steam icon in the system tray and selecting Settings from the menu that appears. Lastly, if you're really wanting to take advantage of PS4's capabilites, then you'll want 10MBps upload speed for game sharing. In other words, the speed you pay for is only the maximum you may get under ideal conditions. The difference in speeds between 8 and 13 is significant and having 13 would make full game downloads much more realistic and bearable My sister had 13 earlier this year and I was able to download a lot of my ps4 stuff there without any trouble I was able to get the full 13 Mbps there with no issues consistently. Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition. Thanks for the reply. Can my comp affect my up download speeds CNET. Is 10Mbps fast?? - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot. ISP at higher rates but when one uses intenet for general browsing and downloading it is never consistent nor anywhere close to what comcasts posted speeds or figures from the tests report. What tests can you believe? With that router and a fiber connection that was fast enough to match it, I could download all 22 MCU films in about 3 hours and 45 minutes.

1,5Mbps Download 768Kbps upload is good for gaming? - PC/Mac/Linux Society - GameSpot? I just bought a brand new Lenovo ThinkPad t470 and out of the box it has 1 mbps download speed on my schools Wi Fi which normally averages 120 mbps Slow download speed on brand new laptop. I have a 2mb s adsl and ive just finished an update at 180k (3 games x 60k each) Sometimes its a lot faster buti guess itdepends on how many people are downloading at the same time. As fast as my internet is though. What's the fastest download speed you've ever had I had 16 mb s a few weeks ago which is nuts because I remember a time when 3 kb s was fast. There are known problems with the digital download version since the game was designed to be played from the hard drive and the disc simultaneously. Is 3MB internet good enough for online gaming Xbox One. It really cleared it up for me. Fi will be lower. Download 768Kbps upload is good for gaming? Can it work through the same wiring that I have talked on the phone for years? You think that new router will make your Wi Fi super fast. If we're talking DSL service, then the fiber stops at the nearest DSLAM switch and from there it's copper wire. The carrier offered an average LTE download speed of 14.

  1. They'd transmit data to the router over those Ethernet connections for an aggregated upload speed of 2 Gbps.
  2. Right now we have Roadrunner rated at 6 Mbps and I'm thinking of switching to Uverse at 10 Mbps.
  3. When you're dealing with wireless networking there are a large number of additional variables to take into account and that's even before you get beyond the hardware.
  4. My test result were around 56 Mbps.
  5. You could try half the distance to the router if you must stay wireless.

On a Windows computer, it's a bit more involved but still easy. The speed jumps are much, much more significant when you compare them to the average internet speeds that most of us are currently stuck with. Keep in mind that your results may vary depending on your location, the strength of a carrier's network at a given the time, and the number of people using it around you. Is my T3 enough to run XBL? I am confused about the truth in internet download speeds? Why would I get such different results if it were otherwise? Is 10Mbps fast PC Mac Linux Society GameSpot! Hi everyone I'd just like to know if a 4 Mbps line is enough for online gaming I live in South Africa where bandwidth is insanely expensive and I'm currently on a 384 Kbps line (horrible isn't it ). Fast Ethernet but actual speed is 10MB only. You ping Tibet and i can promise you its not going to be 45 ms. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. This is pretty much the same as what my PS3 says. I've tested the gigabit download speed by hard wiring a much weaker laptop that achieves 980 mbps using ookla and fast com my hardwired xbox one achieves speeds around 700 mbps.

is 10mpbs fast enough to run xbox live?

Slow download speed on brand new laptop August 2017. Fi icon at the lower right corner area of the screen, then click on Open Network and Sharing Center. MBPS download speed (this individuals ISP was Virgin). 1 5 Mbps fast enough for gaming Xbox One Message Board? This should make you happy. How to boost your Steam download speed CNET! One of the main ones is the server you are downloading from. Not to brag or anything. Fi 6's claims of being much, much better at connecting with lots and lots of devices at once until those devices get here. Great connection (54 0 mbps) super slow steam downloads. JohnF111speedtest tests your latency too bro I know, i never said they didn't. Any tips for increasing the PS3's download speed?

My connection is also 10mpbs and I have no problems at all. It's currently getting 16 Mbps and is causing PlayStation Vue to constantly stop to say the connection is too low to continue Our plan is 150 Mbps and I understand I'm not going to get full speeds wirelessly But a phone running a speed test next to the PS4 gets 42 Mbps Are there any tricks or is the PS4 just poor when wireless? Most online games don't need very high bandwidths to play fine 2mbps would probably be fine for most games so going over is great 2mbps is assuming that the video game is the only thing using the internet Every MMO I've played would work fine with 0 5mbps Video games really don't use as much bandwidth as some people would like to believe browsing the internet uses more bandwidth than the. Testing T Mobile's 4G LTE CNET. Mbps on other sites Cnet gives me 6 Mbps. I pause and unpause the download and that works most of the time I did this and sometimes it worked Once it sped up my download speed to 4 Mbps then it slowly went back to normal I find it strange that this method works Mad_Cauliflower posted XAN posted It's not my internet's fault Read my previous post The problem is with the PS3. My ISP is Comcast where I pay extra to get the 50Mbps service. Is 5 Mbps a reliable XBL speed This topic is locked from further discussion 1 Posted by Logan1616 (3424 posts) My ping is 33ms 4 97 mbps download 0 47 mbps upload I'll have a dual band? It is an Arris TG2472. Something's definitely wrong on your end. Yes, the Comcast rep is correct when stating that there are other factors that affect the speed at which a file can be downloaded. PS3 Download for GTA V Taking Forever can i speed it up 2 83 Mbps download regardless of how fast your internet actually is You can speed it up by running an Ethernet cable to the PS3.

Once I configured the wireless router I had issues with the wireless speed download as I was getting only around 9 Mbps download speed. How do I know if my internet speed is good The former said I had a download speed of 2 08 Mbps and upload speed of 0 50 Mbps (Ping 47 ms ) If you're new to the TechRepublic Forums. Is a 2MBPS internet speed good enough for Xbox Live DARKIDO07 Follow Forum Posts 926 Wiki Points 256 You will need at least 1 mbps UPLOAD (NOT DOWNLOAD) to host a decent game and if the person hosting has a crappy computer you will lag even if you have a good DOWNLOAD Ya it's fast connection for playing games I am using the? My plan is set at 300 Mbps which is easily fast enough for my purposes but entry level as far as fiber goes If that speed held steady I'd be able to download the entire MCU in about 11 hours. ESCLog in to comment. Does downloading 2GB file of the internet means you use. Guess me and him are even because i also live in kuwait. The HTML sites say they are more accurate because they don't use flash (which ookla does). Mbps should be plenty and its probably like 40 to 50? And finally, this is to Samsung guys, why is a Smart TV not shipping with a decent Gigabit ethernet port if they are even included in cheap network switches? Networking Fast broadband hands on at 100Mbps We put Optus' new Supersonic Broadband through a range of speed tests to show you the hard truths about when it's worth paying more for high speed! They will give you a router and allow you to see how well the ISP keeps it's speed consistently.

How to boost your Steam download speed. This will run great for businesses and home, because a 100 MBPS connection could run a business, even 50 MBPS could. Fi speed in seconds. More bandwidth for upload is also very beneficial for online gaming. For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360 a GameFAQs message board topic titled 5 to 1 mbps internet speed good enough for xbox live. Works great and fast. Mbps (Mega bits per second)So please mind the bits and Bytes. What is important is your connection time (commonly known as your PING) this is what will give you lag free online. Remember what you do so you can undo it if things dont turn out the way you planed. With download speeds that fast why is your upload so slow? PS3 now (sorry if this has been mentioned before)But I'm just curious as to what speeds everyone else gets. I just did a internet connection test and only receive 1 9 mbps how can i get 20 or more mbps I have a wired optus sagem and have dmz enable and portforwardingwhen playing modern warfare 2 my nat.

So, those should give you a rough estimate around what speeds to get, even if your ISP was not listed. Fast broadband hands on at 100Mbps CNET. We just upgraded our home internet to the fastest fibre connection available, 100 Mbps, but even with a compatible router (Linksys EA4500) speedtest. Is a 1 5 mbps DSL connection fast enough to play games.

  1. The PS3 wifi downloads at the same speed my macbook does when I go on wifi at my house, so its most likely a software problem, a hardware defect would have totally rendered wifi useless.
  2. Maximum wireless speed available with wireless router dlin So I'm stuck with 15 Mbps download speed with this wireless router Is it true that I will not be able to get more than 15 Mbps.
  3. Slow Wireless Download But Fast Upload August 2008.

How fast does my internet connection need to be The. There is no way for you or your ISP to control that aspect of the internet. What is your download and upload speed?

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